Chloe Chiasson is a New York City-based artist raised in a small town in Texas. Chloe holds a BS from the University of Texas at Austin, and a MFA from the New York Academy of Art. While at the NYAA, she concentrated in painting and was awarded the Buddy Taub Scholarship, the Belle Artes Residency, the Chubb Post-Graduate Fellowship, and was featured in New American Paintings magazine no. 141 MFA annual issue.

"'My passion is art and people. My interest is in the people who are in between: in between worlds or in between genders.. My position “in between” has me defined by, trapped in, resisting and breaking free from the complex cultural debates of sexuality, gender, and subjectivity. My work is a rejection of the mutual exclusiveness of masculinity and femininity in favor of a simultaneous coexistence, focusing on the process through which we come to find our authentic selves and the struggles that arise as we assert those selves within constraining environments.”